YOUR DATA MIRROR Review Rough Draft

“Your Data Mirror” describes itself as a “call for transparency by revealing the mechanisms of data-driven surveillance and manipulation in the online sphere.” It is an incredibly unique site with a set, honorable goal. It’s also unique because it is a website set to expose the dangers of data manipulation.

The home page is very easy to navigate. At the top of the home page is a playable video that discusses many of the site’s main topics and themes. On the left corner of the home page, the user can click on a button to switch the language of the site between English and German. On the right corner, the user can click a button which displays a menu for the site. As you scroll down the home page, the site has four buttons each leading the user to different “chapters”. Scrolling further down, the reader will find a shortened version of the Actions Page.

The site is very much visually modern and appealing, with a type of glitchy digital effect that fits perfectly with the site’s message and theme. The site has two main pages, the Actions page and the About Page. The site is then divided into 5 chapters. The site runs extremely well and has a good user interface.

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