Review of the Cultural Atlas of Australia Website (Rough Draft)

On its website, The Cultural Atlas of Australia describes itself as an “interactive digital map that displays the places and locations that appear in iconic Australian films, novels, and plays.” While it’s not the most up-to-date website, there are aspects of this website that qualify as timeless. 

The website’s home page is somewhat visually outdated, using graphics that don’t age particularly well. Fortunately, the website leaves links to a Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr account. It also links to a map and has a slideshow showcasing some of the Australian media discussed.

The home page leads the user to the map page with an interactive map of Australia. The map operates very similarly to Google Earth/Google Maps, allowing you to zoom in or out, and giving you access to a street view. The map has color-coded pins, each relating to a specific area where a film, book, or play took place. On the side of the map is a filter bar. It dramatically enhances the user experience. It allows the user to narrow down the narrative and location type. It also allows the user to narrow down the state and the publishing year.

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