iHeart Radio’s website according to Dieter Rams’ “10 Principles of Good Design.”

iHeart Radio


The website is not particularly innovative. There aren’t many new things about the website or its formatting besides how it allows you to play music or listen to podcasts.


I would say that the design makes the product somewhat useful.


I enjoy the website’s aesthetic. It gives a very minimalistic feel, which makes it clean and easy to look at. I find it similar to the theme I chose for my website, which I enjoy. It is also easily connectable to iHeart Radio.


I feel that the design makes the content of the website understandable, but not necessarily what the website is for. If I didn’t know what iHeart Radio was beforehand, I would have a somewhat vague idea of what it is based on its website.


The website’s design is absolutely unobtrusive. It keeps each different type of content centered and grouped together, so the user experience is easy. Although the font can sometimes be small, the entirety of the website is concise.


I would say that the website’s design is honest. Because it is minimalistic in nature, it doesn’t present the viewer with more than what they should expect.


The website’s design is definitely long-lasting. It is simple and minimalistic, so it can’t be connected to a specific period.


The website’s design is thorough because it presents the reader with the many different functions of iHeart Radio. There is no stone left unturned.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s hard to evaluate whether or not the design is environmentally friendly.

Little Design As Possible

I would absolutely say that the design qualifies here because it is very minimalistic.

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